Selling Online is Dead. Here is What You Should Be Doing Instead

When African American entrepreneurs first jump online or start a business, their first instinct is to sell to anyone and everyone. You know this person. You shiver when you [...]

Building Your Business On Facebook Alone is a Loser Strategy

Many Black business owners mistake having a Facebook page for having an actual website. Facebook is the largest social media platform in history, so its easy to understand why [...]

Here are the 8 Best Personal Brands on Black Twitter

Black Twitter is a force to be reckoned with. It has never been easier for you as a Black Entrepreneur to create your brand and build your following. To [...]

10 Best Ways to Quickly Boost Your Website Traffic

Looking for some tricks to increase website traffic? If you aren't you should be! Traffic is the life-blood of a website, and if you want to make an impact [...]

Black Podcasts Matter – How to Start A Podcast People Will Actually Listen To

If you have a website, congratulations: You are ahead of 99% of the population! Owning a piece of online property is just as important as owning a piece of [...]

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