The 5 Programming Languages Every Black Entrepreneur Should Know

Here is a fact: We are currently in the middle of the greatest technological shift in human history. This shift is and will continue to disproportionately affect Black men, [...]

Rest In Peace, Google+

I have always hated Google+ so forgive me if I do a little dance. Google tried to force G+ down our throats event though they knew it sucked. Google [...]

The One Success Ritual That Daymon John Practices Daily

Daymond John is worth $250 Million. Not only is he the Founder of Fubu and a 7 season Shark Tank Veteran, he is the author of the New York [...]

How To Juggle Multiple Projects As A Black Entrepreneur

I bet you can relate to this: You have a hundred good ideas, 10 great ideas, and 5 ideas that you want to get off the ground before next [...]

[Infographic] The Right Way to Market to African Americans Online

In 2016, African Americans continue to be an under-served demographic online. Despite the fact that we have a big presence on the most popular social and e-commerce platforms, no [...]

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