You dont need a website to do very well with affiliate marketing. In fact, some of the most successful affiliate marketers I know have never owned a website. How did they do it? They leveraged social media and forums to drive traffic to their affiliate offers.

But before you go spamming the internet with your links, remember a few affiliate Marketing best practices:

Promoting affiliate links is NOT about making money, its about helping those who will see your link. Frame every post that you make as being helpful. Take the time to answer questions for people who have them, and create helpful content. Adopt a servants spirit and you will be successful. Get greedy and you will be out of this game as fast as you got in. I highly suggest you check out this video. This will put you on the right path when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Never do drive-bys or post naked links. A ‘drive by’ is just dropping a random link into the comments section of a blog post or on Twitter. No one knows what that link is, or why you dropped it there, so they wont click it. Naked links are the full affiliate link. They look like this . Not pretty, right? Instead, use hyperlinks (like this). So a good affiliate link drop would look like this

“The best Dr. Sebi book I have ever read was this one

This isnt always possible (like with Instagram posts), but at least use a URL shortener. Google has been known to delete links, so I recommend Bitly.

Here we go…


1.Use Your Profile

Post your affiliate link on your Facebook profile. Talk a little bit about the benefits of whatever you are selling. Easy.

2. Join and Use Groups

Visit Facebook groups related to the topic of your affiliate link. Scroll through the conversations and respond in helpful ways with your affiliate link. Not only will the original poster see your link, but others will as well.

3. Create A Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page related to the products that you are promoting. It is not a good idea to create a straight up “Affiliate Product Facebook Page”. Instead, create a page related to the products you are promoting.  For instance, if you are promoting Amazon Business Books, create a “Black Business Masterminds” Facebook Page and use that to promote books that you find on Amazon.

4. Boost your Facebook Page Posts

Not only will you get more likes for your page, you will make much more money than other strategies here.

5. Do a Facebook Live event

If you dont mind putting your face out there, do a Facebook live event based on a topic related to whatever you are selling. Drop links in the comments section as different topics come up.

Have your links ready to go on a notepad (digital version) and steer the conversation towards those topics. When the topic comes up, do the old “oh that reminds me…here is a GREAT resource that you all should check out related to that topic. I just dropped it in the comments!”


1. Tweet out your affiliate link.

Make sure to add actual words and an image to your tweet! I train all of our Social Media Mangers not to send out a tweet that doesnt have an image attached. You will get more attention from tweets with images attached than regular old text tweets. Also, use emojis to draw attention to your links. (Sheesh, I am giving away all my secrets!) Here is an example.

2. Add your affiliate link to your Twitter profile

People will look at your profile. When they do, they will click the link you have included on your site. Use that spot to promote your affiliate link!


3. Help people on your timeline

When you see tweets from people asking questions or expressing frustration with a problem, send them your affiliate links as solutions. Dont be spammy or creepy.

4. Do A TweetChat

A TweetChat is a live Twitter event that you moderate for a certain period of time that uses a specific hashtag and that is focused around a general topic. If you choose to focus on physical fitness for your Tweetchat from noon to 3 PM, then your Tweets will look something like this (if you changed that Youtube video link to an affiliate link)…

Example of a Tweetchat

Be sure to create a unique hashtag and tell everyone to use that hashtag so that you can keep up with the conversation.


1.Use Your Bio Link

Paste your affiliate link in your Instagram bio’s website section. When other users’ click on it to check it out, you could earn a commission if they decide to make a purchase. Easy.

2. Help Commenters Out!

Search through the comments of Instagram profiles that you know are selling something. If the poster didn’t include a place to buy that item, you do it. Here is an IG account for men’s watches….


See all those people begging you to take their money?! Now go to Amazon and find that same watch.


Post your affiliate link in the comments. Like this…

Yes, its true that people cant click links in Instagram. But they will type those links if they really want the item. So to make it easy for people to type your link, run it through a service that makes your link shorter like this one.

3. Create A Catalog

Instead of including an affiliate link in your profile, create a catalog that you update regularly with items from Instagram that others are promoting. Here is a great guide on how to do that for free.

Update your look book once per month (spend a day doing this) and upload it to Google Drive. I have a folder that has all my catalogs in it from each month. That way, you wont have to constantly change the link in your profile. Then cruise around on Instagram and help commenters out by letting them know you can find all items by going to the link on your profile page.

This is harder than strategy #2 but you will make money from this for months!

Niche Forums

Niche forums are forums based on a very specific topic. There are new mother forums, Mustang car forums, and bourbon forums out there. Doesn’t get more niche than that! Pick forums based on the affiliate links you are promoting and follow the tips below.

1.Signature Links

Create a profile, and use your affiliate link in your signature. Like this guy did…

2. Be A Good Community Member

Forums are not the place for you to anonymously promote affiliate links. People have to know you before they will trust your recommendations. Otherwise, they will ban you.  Therefore, you need to be a good community member before you start being all spammy. Start by commenting intelligently on different topics in the forum.

Once you get familiar with the climate of the forum, drop a “I want to give back to the community” thread. DO NOT self-promote all in up the thread – no one cares about your affiliate links, but they will take free advice. At the end let everyone know that if they are interested in learning more to drop you a question in the thread to PM you.

Then they see that link in your signature AND you can hit them with Affiliate link solutions.

3. Ask For Reviews

Create a thread asking the community for advice about an affiliate link that you are posting! This is sneaky, so dont use it often.

For instance, create a thread asking if anyone has used a particular product, and include a link to that product. After everyone has finished commenting, make your last comment something like “Thanks everybody! I just bought it based on the advice here and I love it!” Other people will see this and use that same link.

Quora/Yahoo Answers

These are untapped gold mines. I probably shouldn’t even be telling you about these….

1.  Answer Questions


I know this is a mind blowing tip, but if people are asking questions, it means they are looking for answers. If they are asking for the best way to meditate, you let them know that “you found this book, and based on the reviews it will be their best bet”

2. Ask Questions

Ask questions about how to do something using one of your affiliate links. For instance, if you are promoting Godaddy Domains, your question would look like this:

“I just bought one of those 99 cent domains from Godaddy. My question is, is it worth it to buy all the extra domains that Godaddy suggests? What do I do with all those domains? Redirect them? Create different versions of the same site? Any help would be appreciated!”

Someone seeing that would say to themselves “I didnt know Godaddy had 99 cent domains!” and  click.


1.  Make A How-To Video

Do a video reviewing a product or service you are promoting. The trick here is to show people how to solve a specific problem. For instance, dont publish a ‘Hostgator Review’ video – publish a ‘How to Set Up Your Website in 5 Minutes or Less’ and suggest Hostgator for their web hosting solution.

2. Use Youtube Comments

Do a search for you tube videos on a topic related to something you are promoting. If there are comments asking questions, offer your affiliate link as a solution. If there are no questions, drop your link in the comments section. Be sure to write a short paragraph about why your link matters and is useful!

3.  Include your affiliate link in your bio

Enough said on this one. Again, this wont bring you tons of cash, but its having yet another link out there that will drive traffic to your affiliate offer.



1. Create pins with affiliate links in the description.

When you edit your pinned image, Pinterest will give you the option to include your link. Use your affiliate link as long as it is directly related to the image (or is the image itself!)


2. Leverage Other Social Media Platforms

Share your pinterest photos on your other social media accounts. This gives your pins ore exposure and also gives you content for your other platforms. Easy.

3. About That Profile Link…

Yes, include your affiliate link in your profile. You dont have a website (right?) so use that valuable real estate!

4. Play Nice

Go and follow other pinners and like boards and images similar to yours. This will drive more traffic to your profile and more eyes onto your affiliate link. I make it a practice to follow 10 users a week and like their stuff in the process.

Picking one or two of these strategies to do once or twice wont cut it. Consistency begets victory. Work through this list. Bookmark this list. Come back and work through it again. These are the tips I have used to set me free. May they do the same for you.