Amazon’s Affiliate Program has always been one of my favorite ways to make money online. With hundreds of millions of products, you are guaranteed to find items in your niche to promote to your audience. The program is so profitable because when a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission from that sale and on anything else that shopper buys on Amazon!

But before you go slapping links everywhere, there are three rules you must abide by to get the most out of your efforts:

1. You must ensure your links are visible

2. Use your affiliate links in context

3. Tell your readers to click your links

While these three rules seem like common sense, you are about to see that the devil is in the details.

Make Your Amazon Links Easy To See

Readers don’t click on links they don’t see. If your link doesn’t look like a link, readers might not recognize it as such and won’t click on it. Help your reader out by making sure your link is a shade of blue.

Not red. Not green. Just blue.

Why blue, you ask?

Search engines like Google and Bing have trained users to see blue words as links that should be clicked.

In fact, Bing ran a test and found that using blue instead of other link colors increased their earnings by $80 million a year.

By using the same technique that search engines use, you can make it easier for readers to recognize and click your links.

Use Amazon Affiliate Links in Context

Imagine that you are having a conversation with a friend about shoes and all of a sudden she starts talking about printers. Unless printers had something to do with the shoe conversation, you would probably have a hard time keeping up , right?

Don’t make the same mistake with your posts by wrecking the flow of the conversation with out of place links! If you are writing an article on a specific topic, the links you promote must be related to that topic.

Visitors to a specific site and article are there to learn more about one specific topic. Don’t confuse them by pushing a different topic on them in the form of random links.

Tell Readers To Click Your Link

Again, you want to avoid pushing links onto your readers with naked demands that they just click here. Instead, tell them why they are clicking the link.

This is the best business book I have ever read. Click here to read reviews and you will see why!

…click here to see what I Oprah had to say about that

….click here to check out a ready made notary kit

Once a reader clicks on your link, leave it to Amazon to do what they do best: sell people who visit the site.

Bonus Tip 1: Don’t push your links on your readers. Instead, use your links in a conversational tone. For instance, say you are writing a review on sneaker cleaners…

Bad example: You can buy this sneaker cleaner just click this link

Good example: I tested out three shoe cleaning kits, and the best one I found was the Jason Markk Premium Kit. Before I tell you why I like the kit, you can click here to read some reviews.

Bonus Tip 2: Never, Ever, Ever post naked links in your articles. Always use them as hyperlinks. Which looks better; or click here to buy a kit ?

If you have questions or some tricks of your own, leave a comment below!