About Asad Malik

I have built more than 300 websites for companies ranging from startups to multi-million dollar enterprises. As the host of one of the best Black podcasts on iTunes, I have interviewed Black multimillionaire entrepreneurs including Oprah’s relationship coach (Paul C. Brunson) and Jay Morrison (who currently owns a $25 Million Real Estate Portfolio).

The One Success Ritual That Daymon John Practices Daily

Daymond John is worth $250 Million. Not only is he the Founder of Fubu and a 7 season Shark Tank Veteran, he is the author of the New York [...]

How To Juggle Multiple Projects As A Black Entrepreneur

I bet you can relate to this: You have a hundred good ideas, 10 great ideas, and 5 ideas that you want to get off the ground before next [...]

[Infographic] The Right Way to Market to African Americans Online

In 2016, African Americans continue to be an under-served demographic online. Despite the fact that we have a big presence on the most popular social and e-commerce platforms, no [...]

The 100 Best Business Books For Legacy Builders

This List Is Updated Often! Bookmark This Page and Add Evey One Of These To Your Library! If you run your own website, you are in business for yourself. [...]

Podcasts Vs Youtube Videos: Which One Should You Focus On?

If you look around, it seems like everyone has either a podcast, a Youtube channel, or both. But podcasts and Youtube videos are not right for everyone. If you [...]

How To Boost Website Earnings by Adding Amazon Links to Your Posts

Amazon's Affiliate Program has always been one of my favorite ways to make money online. With hundreds of millions of products, you are guaranteed to find items in your [...]

Selling Online is Dead. Here is What You Should Be Doing Instead

When African American entrepreneurs first jump online or start a business, their first instinct is to sell to anyone and everyone. You know this person. You shiver when you [...]

Building Your Business On Facebook Alone is a Loser Strategy

Many Black business owners mistake having a Facebook page for having an actual website. Facebook is the largest social media platform in history, so its easy to understand why [...]

Here are the 8 Best Personal Brands on Black Twitter

Black Twitter is a force to be reckoned with. It has never been easier for you as a Black Entrepreneur to create your brand and build your following. To [...]

10 Best Ways to Quickly Boost Your Website Traffic

Looking for some tricks to increase website traffic? If you aren't you should be! Traffic is the life-blood of a website, and if you want to make an impact [...]

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