About Asad Malik

I have built more than 300 websites for companies ranging from startups to multi-million dollar enterprises. As the host of one of the best Black podcasts on iTunes, I have interviewed Black multimillionaire entrepreneurs including Oprah’s relationship coach (Paul C. Brunson) and Jay Morrison (who currently owns a $25 Million Real Estate Portfolio).

Black Podcasts Matter – How to Start A Podcast People Will Actually Listen To

If you have a website, congratulations: You are ahead of 99% of the population! Owning a piece of online property is just as important as owning a piece of [...]

How To Incorporate Your Online Business The Easy Way

Most Black owned businesses make the dangerous mistake of assuming they do not need to incorporate if they are online. Protecting your business - online or off - should [...]

What Makes A Good Logo Design?

Since we launched our company, we have seen some beautiful logo design....and some not so beautiful design! If you didn't know, a well designed logo is critical to your [...]

Most Black Businesses Don’t Have A Website – Heres Why That’s Good For You

We have all seen the numbers: Today, there are 2.6 million Black Businesses in the United States From 2007 to 2014, annual revenues for Black firms went from $135.7 [...]

5 Simple Mistakes That Destroy Your Website and How to Fix Them Quickly

If your website sucks and you cant figure out why, this article is for you. Reading this might take you 5 minutes, but it will save you years of [...]

5 Surprisingly Powerful Ways A Mastermind Group Can Improve Your Life

In his must-read book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill gives this advice to those seeking success: "[inlinetweet prefix="" tweeter="@legacywebinc" suffix=""]Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you [...]

16 Ways I Monetize My Websites

"Asad, How do I make money from my website?" This has to be the number one question I get on a daily basis. Today, I am going to give [...]

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