Legacy presents the BEST Black podcasts you can find on the air today. If you dont see your favorite site on this list, leave us a comment and we will check it out!

Best Black Podcasts on Business, Money, and Finance

  1. Rise and Grind Radio – This podcast keeps money and hustling 100% real. This podcast will help you get your mind right, and is produced by one of Compton’s finest (who happens to also be the author of How to Make A Dollar Out of 15 Cents.) If you are a “corporate type” this podcast might not be for you!
  2. Better than Success Podcast – Nicole Purvy will take your business to a whole new level with podcast episodes like How to Acquire, Dispose or Partner with Any Small Business (Ep #52) and interviews with some of the most successful Black entrepreneurs on the planet!
  3. Black Entrepreneur Blueprint – No B.S. step by step instructions on how to launch, build, and grow your business from an entrepreneur that has actually done it.
  4. Trailblazers.FM – stories of successful black business professionals, entrepreneurs and thought leaders, along with the knowledge, resources and tools of that they all use.
  5. Brand New Nation: Make Money as a Personal Brand – Even thought they havent dropped a new episode for about a year, the podcast is well produced and filled with information on branding from two charismatic Black women!
  6. Heart and Hustle Podcast – Hosted by two Black women entrepreneurs, the Heart and Hustle Podcast drops every Wednesday. The episodes are short, impactful, and really easy to listen to!  #BossSoHard
  7. The Ask Lajuana Podcast – I had the pleasure of interviewing Lajuana Whitmore (the host) and I can bear witness to her depth of knowledge and practical wisdom. She has worked with businesses of all sizes and government entities as well. You can trust the advice she drops, and even submit your questions!
  8. Behind the Brilliance – Lisa Nicole Bell has consistently dropped a podcast every week since April 2014! She has had a successful film career, and introduces you to the insiders in the industry along with experienced Black entrepreneurs. The depth of her knowledge is immediately evident – just give it a listen!
  9. Conscious Black Business Network – Unlike most of the podcasts on this list, the goal of the Conscious Black Business Network podcast is to serve as a vehicle to empower Black People by carrying on the mantle of those such as the Honorable Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Minister Malcolm X, Dr. Yosef Ben Johanna, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. Amos Wilson, Preston Winkler, and the many more ancestors who have lived their life for the advancement of Black People!
  10.  Mattie James’ Mattieology Podcast- Another prolific podcaster, Mattie James is an Atlanta style blogger who has worked with H&M, Cotton, Club Monaco, American Express, Macy’s & more. She combines her experiences with business to bring a flavor to podcasting that is as unique as she is!
  11. Brown Ambition – Mandi Woodruff, personal finance reporter at Yahoo Finance and host of the “Money Minute” web series and Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche, an award-winning financial educator and best-selling author of “The One-Week Budget” join forces to help you get your money right!
  12. Smart Brown Voices – One of the few in depth podcasts on marketing that feature all people of color. #SmartBrownVoices is an on-going interview series that features diverse voices from Black and Latino Startup Founders, Entrepreneurs, Activist, Marketers and Creatives that really know their stuff!
  13. Think and Grow Chick – As a man, I have no shame in the fact that I follow a lot of podcasts that are geared specifically towards women because the host Courtney Sanders drops bars! She gives so much value to her audience that you will want to share this with your whole team.
  14. Of 10 Podcast – Classana co-founder and CEO Will Lucas brings a tech slant to business podcasting guests who have built solid tech businesses or have gotten venture capital funding for their ideas. The guests he bring on who are not specifically tech pros are still very high value (like the Director at Magic Johnson Enterprises who helps Magic make his investment decisions!)
  15. MyTaughtYou Podcast – Owner of the revolutionary curlBOX, a subscription box exclusively naturally curly hair, Myleik Teele shares everything from personal stories, money tips, entrepreneurial topics and more in her podcast.
  16. Branding for Believers – This isnt a podcast, it is a podclass! After 12 years of being a college professor, Dr. Shante is a college professor by day and records her podcast in front of a live audience by night! If you’re ready to transform your fear into the faith you need to fuel your dreams, tune in NOW!
  17. Dream Without Limits Podcast – Well produced, great guests, great host, this is one of my nev favorite Black business podcasts!
  18. Hashtags and Stilletos – Geared towards women entrepreneurs, this podcast drops business, lifestyle and PR insights and interviews from entrepreneur and PR expert Sakita Holley.

Funny Podcasts

  1. Rantin’ and Ravin’ with Yamaneika and Friends – The titles of her episodes say everythign you need to know: JC Penny Bitch. #BlackPiesMatter. Habitashery Of B******t. The real star of the show is Forbes. If you listen, you already know what I’m talking about!
  2. Not So Nice Advice with Chuck Nice – You all may know Chuck Nice as Neil Degrasse-Tyson’s sidekick on Star Talk Radio.
  3. Black Guy Who Tips – Hilarious podcast featuring a comedic power couple that go in on culture, politics, intersectionality, and any other topic they can think of. You will live for their Walking Dead reviews!
  4. Conversation Con Artists – Dialogue about obituary appropriateness, zombie life, and how to learn about oral sex from your parents. You wont see the funny coming, but you wont be able to stop laughing when it does!
  5. Ignorant Philosophy – Four friends discuss life and relationships with hilarious results. You will feel like you are right there in the circle with them!

Best Black Podcasts on Culture

    1. Three Black Geeks – I think one of the hosts has a Gherri Curl. 300 episodes that put Dolemite next to Dragon Ball Z. You will be ashamed of yourself when you realize how much you enjoy this geekdom
    2. The Carry On Friends Podcast –  The host Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown is a Caribbean podcaster that goes in on business and Caribbean culture with a refreshing energy that you dont find too many other places!
    3. Melanin Millennials – Woke podcast by two girls from London. This is a hilarious Black podcast at the intersection of culture, comedy, and commentary!
    4. FriendsLikeUs – A very popular podcast featuring Black women that cover a variety of hot topics
    5. The Tariq Elite Radio Show – This is the official podcast for New York Times best-selling author and critically acclaimed film maker,Tariq “Elite” Nasheed. Tariq has been podcasting and producing for a long time, so there is enough content here to keep you busy for a long time!
    6. 2 Dope Queens – Produced by WNYC studios, the 2 Dope Queens  (Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams) drop stories about sex, romance, race, hair journeys, living in New York and Billy Joel. New episodes every Tuesday.
    7. Poised and Polished – A fly style podcast with short episodes that all you fashionistas will really appreciate!
    8. MmHmm Girl – Hosts Lola & Babz provide hilarious unabashed social commentary on all things pop culture, relationships, and whatever else comes to mind. And they drink while doing it.
    9. Mostly Lit – Literature, millennial wellness and black pop-culture from London!
    10. Blerds on Nerds – Even though this podcast hasn’t dropped anew episode this year, still definitely worth a listen! Features highlights in technology, movies, gaming, and comics. #SpreadtheNerd
    11. Blacker Than Black Times Infinity – The name says it all. Black gamers and anime fans rejoice – your podcast has come!
    12. Another Round  – Two drunk friends discussing pop culture, real life emotional drama, or interviewing our favorite black women – hosted by Buzzfeed
    13. Artistic State of Mind – Siblings Juliana and Stephen spend most of their time debating and educating themselves on the modern workings of the music and the arts industry. Another well produced podcast from the Shoutout Network!
    14. Bossmacknosis Live – Bossmack Topsoil is the second Compton host to grace this list. Look, this content is NSFW, and if you are sensitive, pass it up. Bossmack keeps it real! Niggas in the News is ratchet AF, and he drops some game on every episode that will truly make your blood boil or will take you to the next level (depending on your gender! lol)
    15. The Naked Beauty Podcast – Unfiltered talk about beauty trends, tips, and products
    16. Black Nerd Power – Sci-fi and fantasy from a Black nerd perspective.
    17. The Combat Jack Show – No true hip hop head is complete without this podcast! If you are serious about going behind the scenes of the hip hop movement, this is the podcast you need in your life – this is the undisputed #1 HipHop podcast online today.

One of the Best Black Podcasts in history! The Combat Jack Show is dor the serious hip hop enthusiast and should be in the rotation if you are a podcast fan!

Black News and Politics Podcasts

    1. The Your Black World Podcast – Hosted by the well respected Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World podcast offers intelligent and conscious analysis on the most important events of the day.
    2. Know the Ledge Radio – One of the best Black podcasts in this space. More than 300 episodes that go in on far more than news, Red Pill and Blue Pill (the hosts) are underground legends and self-taught geniuses in the conscious community. They will help you see the reality behind the headlines in a way no one else can!
    3. Black Talk Radio News with Scotty Reid – Not well produced, but worth a listen to get a Balck perspective on current events.
    4. This Week in Blackness – TWIB is a multimedia platform that features a number of podcasts for and by people of color. Black Girl Nerds is a favorite, but all are ridiculously well produced and worth a listen
    5. NewsOne Now Podcast – News One is in the podcast game! The podcast is hosted by Roland Martin (of course) and features the journalistic integrity that you would expect from New One. It looks like they are only 10 podcasts in, so this might be a good one to catch up on early!
    6. AA Political Slugfest – This show is hilarious! The Old School brotha that hosts the show keeps it real. He has this entertaining cadence that keeps you hanging on to his every word. I cant take him seriously sometimes which makes the show worth listening to!
    7. The Pan-African Journal – From the King that brought us the Pan-African News Wire, these broadcasts are the absolute best source of news you can get on politics and news beyond the United States!
    8. Black Agenda Radio – This is the Grand Daddy of Black political websites and blogs. Still going strong after almost a decade!

Black Tech and Science Podcasts

  1. Star Talk Radio – Hands down, the best science podcast on the airwaves. I am an astronomy geek, so Neil Degrasse -Tyson brings it for me! Its hilarious, informative, and even controversial at times. A must hear!
  2. Blacks in Technology Podcast – I met the host at a hacker convention and was immediately impressed by his ability to break down complex topics into easy to understand concepts. The podcast has more than 100 episodes to keep you busy!

Black and African History Podcasts

  1. The African History Network Podcast – Brother Michael Imhotep personally inspired me on my podcast journey in 2010 with his excellent and in depth African history podcast! The African History Network focuses on Educating, Empowering and Inspiring people of African descent throughout the Diaspora and around the world because right knowledge corrects wrong behavior!
  2. The Black History Podcast – Even though the producers havent dropped a new episode since 2016, the podcast is short, informative, and well produced. Definitely check it out and listen to all the episodes to get the knowledge you were denied in school!
  3. African Roots Podcast – More than 400 podcasts since 2009! The African Roots podcast was one of the early forerunners of the podcasting movement

Black Relationship Podcasts

  1. Inner Hoe Uprising – Erykah Badu, Chinese “Left Over” Women, X-Hamster, Black Hair Products, Jared Leto’s Joker, Transpo Transgender Discrimination, Childlike Sex Dolls & more!
  2. Mack Lessons Radio – Another Tariq Nasheed podcast. He has dropped more than 400 episodes giving game to urban men and women from the perspective of a player. Well produced and very entertaining, whether you agree with him or not!
  3. Izm Radio – Tariq Nasheed and female co-hosts (!) just dropped a new podcast with banter on relationships and culture. Hilarious as one would expect from King Flex.
  4. The Man Mindset Podcast – A well produced dating show specifically geared towards men. You got 296 episodes and counting of great, practical advice for todays man. Even women love this show!

Philosophy and Religious Podcasts

  1. Occult Science Radio – The host hasnt dropped a new podcast since 2014, but the 248 episodes that are up are worth going back and listening to. The host gives guests (who are knowledgeable) plenty of space to build
  2. Underground Railroad Radio – Another podcast that hasnt had much life since 2010, but the value here are the guests – Bobby Hemmit is an underground hotep hero, Dr. Phil Valentine is my spiritual mentor, and Dr. Sebi (who has passed away) have all made appearances on the show. The good news about the fact that there havent been any new episodes is that you can listen to them all and get cuaght up! One of the best Black podcasts in this category!
  3. Upfront and Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie – 8 years worth of interviews featuring BEASTS like Hill Harper and topics that range from how to carry on erotic conversations to how to overcome emotional trauma. Must listen!
  4. The Potters Touch – Brought to you by T.D. Jakes, The Potter’s Touch is a weekly program that confronts the hidden issues and invisible scars that go untreated. This broadcast carries healing and restoration into homes of hurting people, unearthing taboo topics and offering practical and spiritual solutions to life’s toughest questions.

Black Sports and Entertainment

    1. Black Sports Weekly – Part of the Podcast One Network, so the quality and production value is high. This is a program that you will enjoy whether you are a sport fan or not since the hosts go in on a wide range of topics!
    2. The Big Podcast with Shaq – Much bigger than sports! Hilarious, entertaining, controversial, Shaq and his sports sidekick, John Kincade drop new episodes every Monday!
    3. Fearless or Insane with Chris Webber – “Fearless or Insane with Chris Webber” is a weekly discussion of sports and athletes, their impact on culture, politics, society, and life issues that affect us all.
    4. Finish the Game – Former NFL MVP Shaun Alexander shares the principles and values that made him an MVP on the field and in life. Shaun and his special guests challenge everyone to strive for greatness, give their best effort, leave it all on the field and Finish the Game.

Revolutionary Black Podcasts

  1. United Black America Radio – The most revolutionary radio show on the airwaves! This is the podcast of the United Black America movement that will teach you how to live a Black and conscious lifestyle. Featuring dope beats, well produced segments, and insightful guests, this is one of the best black podcasts in itunes
  2. New Abolitionist Radio – The primary focus of the show is the abolition of the 13th Amendment which preserves the institution of slavery. Part of the Black Talk Radio network, this is a call-in radio show that covers Black culture, news, and politics form an unapologetically Black perspective.
  3. The COWS (Context of White Supremacy) – Long considered one of the best Black podcasts in the revolutionary space, COWS features 299 episodes with Dr. Neely Fuller that break down racism and white supremacy in context. Love it or hate it, white supremacy is part of the world around us. This podcast will help you stay woke!
  4. Something to Bragg About Podcast – Biweekly conversations on HIGHER EDUCATION, COLLEGE POLITICS, & the ADVANCEMENT of BLACKNESS in Education. The hosts answer questions, give advice and tackle the biggest topics surrounding higher education.
  5. The New Black Panther Party Podcast – A call in show hosted on Blog Talk Radio, the New Black Panther Party follows in the tradition of Khalid Abdul Muhammad and the next generation of freedom fighters. Might be too militant for most listeners, but they command a passionate and engaged audience!
  6. UhuruRadio – A diverse array of shows brought together by the Uhuru Movement under the leadership of Black History legend Chairman Omali Yeshitela!
  7. Countering Racism With Justice Through Propaganda (COBRA) Podcast  – Exposing racism and white supremacy via the Black Talk Radio network. Worth a listen and a follow since this is a relatively new podcast

This list is far from complete! We know there are some great sites out there that you read (or own). So if you have a website that you would like to add to this list, leave the URL in the comments section!