We are giving away all our secret business tools. These are all the companies, pieces of software, and devices that we cant live without! Since our mission is to bring every Black Owned business online with full stack online solutions, we want to make sure you have the tools you need to unleash the power of the internet, increase your revenue, and improve the way you do business. Even if you are not a client of ours!

Note: If you know of any Black Owned Businesses that do any of the below, use the Support & Contact Page to let us know ASAP!

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Small Business Startup Tools
Business Cards, Flyers, and Stationery
Back Office Management Tools
Email Marketing Tools
WordPress Themes and Plugins
Social Media Tools
Video Creation and Marketing Tools




Small Business Startup Tools


Grasshopper lets you get a 1-800 number for around $14 per month. When a client or customer calls your 1-800 number, it is also sent to your cell phone or any other numbers you like. you can also call and text clients from your 1-800 number instead of your personal number. And it looks far more professional! Click here to check out Grasshopper’s plans.


Once you sign up with PureChat (its free), you will be given a code to place on your website. If you are already a Legacy client, we do this for you for free. PureChat will then give you a dashboard where you can monitor your website for incoming chats. The company also has a mobile app that you can download to monitor chats from your cell. When a new message comes in, you get an alert on your device, and you can respond to the chat just like you would respond to a text message.

When you are not able to monitor your chats, PureChat sends visitors straight to an email form where they can send a message to your email account. You can then reply to the email when you get a chance.

Click here to sign up for PureChat.



best printer for entrepreneurs and small businesses

I have gone through a lot of printers, and the Brother HL-2270DW Compact Laser Printer with Wireless Networking is the best and most cost effective for entrepreneurs. Read the more than 4,000 reviews left by other buyers and you will see why. Click here to read reviews and purchase.


The best desk for entrepreneurs

If you work at home, you need a desk to keep you focused, productive, and organized. I personally own the Altra Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves, but if that aesthetic doesn’t work for you, shop around until you find one. Click here to shop.


Freedom Planner

The Freedom Planner 2016 Daily Calendar and Productivity Organizer *Undated Version* is a playbook specifically designed to help you convert large goals into manageable daily tasks. The journal includes elements to help improve both personal and professional areas of your life and incorporates proven techniques teaching you to think as a successful person. I keep this with me all day, every day. Click here to see inside.

Business Cards, Flyers, and Stationery


Let a professional handle your business card or flyer design for only $5! Not all services on Fiverr are worth buying, but this is one of them. Designers are able to turn your vision into a reality, and turn it into a format that the printer can use. Click here to find a designer.

Business cards are critical for any and every Black entrepreneur. Get the extra-thick, Superfine Mohawk paper with an uncoated, textured finish and you will instantly impress! Click here to see what Moo has to offer!

Back Office Management Tools


The reason Quickbooks beats out all the other accounting software out there for me is its fully automatic mileage and expense tracking. Every time I make a transaction, its automatically logged into my account. Instead of collecting a mountain of receipts, everything is automatically tracked online. This saved me so much in taxes that I have remained a loyal customer ever since. At just $5 a month, it is irresponsible to not get started with Quickbooks!


Appointy is the service we use to book consultations. We have used them for two years now with no problems and nothing but great customer service from them. Appointy lets your customers and clients select a time to meet with you (in person, or over the phone, or over the internet), and sends them reminders when its time to meet. You can also charge if the meeting is a paid consultation, and you can have multiple staff members under the same company name.

Email Marketing Tools

Convertplug Email Marketing Plugin

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 9.08.49 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 9.09.05 PM

ConvertPlug is the best way to create those beautiful popovers to collect email addresses. Email marketing is the best and most profitable way to build your tribe and generate traffic. Don’t make the mistake of not using a lead capture system, which is what ConvertPlug is designed to do!

Click here to get ConvertPlug



When you collect emails using ConvertPlug, Aweber is where those emails are kept. Using Aweber you can write emails to your tribe, schedule those emails to send whenever you like, and you can create an autoresponder that will send out emails to your audience and clients far into the future. Click here to get started with a Free Aweber Trial.



WordPress Themes and Plugins


Themeforest is the largest marketplace for WordPress themes on the internet. A theme wont make your site look as good as a designer can, but its a basic start. Spend some time browsing through all the different themes by clicking here.


At CodeCanyon, you can purchase WordPress plugins to add functions to your Theme. Want to add a contact form? There is a plugin for that. Want to add a slider like we have on our homepage? There is a plugin for that. Want to add a dope music player? Yup! Theres a plugin for that, too! Click here to see this year’s best plugins! 

Social Media Tools

Hootsuite Social Media Dashboard

Hootsuite is how we keep up with more than 50 different social media accounts at a glance. Instead of having to log into each account, everything is shown in one dashboard. You can even schedule messages to send ahead of time! If there is only one tool on this entire page you add to your toolbox, make it this one! They even have a training academy that will show you how to use everything!

Click here to get Hootsuite Now!



Instagram no longer lets you do some important automated tasks. Thats why I use FollowAdder . FollowAdder helps you manage your Instagram growth by giving you the power to do the following:

  • Follow/Unfollow Instagram users
  • Schedule Instagram Posts
  • Like Back Photos
  • Automatically Like Photos From Your Favorite Users
  • Send Automated Direct Messages
  • Create Lists
  • Search by Hashtag
  • Search by Geo Location of User, photo, or comments

This tool has saved me more time on IG than anything else. Click here to get FollowAdder



Video Creation and Marketing Tools

If you are not producing videos, you are at a disadvantage to your competition. Facebook gives more priority to video now than most written content. More than 6 billion hours of Youtube videos are watched every month, and videos convert 46% better than blog posts. Despite these statistics, only 9% of small businesses use Youtube and videos to market themselves.

Don’t get left behind!

Best Cameras from $100 to $500




AudioJungle is where you want to go to buy anything and everything audio. Need background music for a podcast? How about opening music for your Youtube videos? Sound effects for a commercial? Audiojungle is a one stop shop. Click here to listen to some of the tracks. *If you make music, this is a great way to sell your beats!