? Listen Up! The Top 10 Podcasts For Black Entrepreneurs

Lets be real. Black business owners face unique challenges that other groups might not understand. So its important that you learn from entrepreneurs just like you who have achieved [...]

? The Best Podcast Microphones for Every Budget

If you compare the shows that we listed in our Black podcast directory, the one difference you will notice is the sound quality. The podcasts that really stand out [...]

The Monster List of the Best Black Podcasts in 2017 By Category

Legacy presents the BEST Black podcasts you can find on the air today. If you dont see your favorite site on this list, leave us a comment and we [...]

Podcasts Vs Youtube Videos: Which One Should You Focus On?

If you look around, it seems like everyone has either a podcast, a Youtube channel, or both. But podcasts and Youtube videos are not right for everyone. If you [...]

Black Podcasts Matter – How to Start A Podcast People Will Actually Listen To

If you have a website, congratulations: You are ahead of 99% of the population! Owning a piece of online property is just as important as owning a piece of [...]

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