I know what you are thinking. “Who wants to read an article on about us pages?”

If you own a website, then you should. Don’t sleep on your ‘about us’ page! This might not be the sexiest page on your website – but it can be the most powerful if done right.

Your about us page has the ability to boost your sales, build your email list, and turn one-time visitors into lifelong supporters.

Here is how we create strong about us pages here at Legacy, and how you can too.

Start With An Overt Benefit

Most people start their pages by telling visitors about themselves.


Insead, grab your visitors attention by telling them what you can do for them, why they should care, and how you are different from the competition.

We call this an overt benefit.

An overt benefit is how your your products, services, or content can solve the biggest pain points that your visitors have, and why you are better than the next site out there.

For example, if you are a barber shop its obvious that you cut hair. A haircut is what your visitor is looking for, but they can get that anywhere. What makes you different from every other barber shop?

Before you answer that, think about your industry though the eyes of your clients. What frustrates them about barber shops? What can you do that other barber shops cant or wont do? And what do you have that other shops dont have?

So if you know that clients hate spending 2 hours waiting for a cut on Saturdays or they are worried about letting an amateur barber take care of them, here are some possible benefit that you can offer and communicate in your opening paragraph:

  • We are the only barber shop in the city that is open on Mondays.
  • All our barbers have competed at and placed in the Hair Battle Tour
  • We are the only barber shop in the city with a no-wait system on the weekends

When positioning your site as dramatically different from your competition, here are some phrases that will set you apart:

  • We are the only company that (does something special)
  • We are the first company (to do this)
  • We are proud of the fact that we only serve (this group of people)
  • Every other (company in our field) does (this). We (do something different and better) instead!

If the first and second sentence of your page tells your visitors your overt benefit and why you are different, the third should tell visitors why they should care about your company.

We start this sentence with these words: “What this means to you”.

So using the examples above, we might say…

“We are the only barber shop in the city that is open on Mondays. What this means to you is if you dont feel like dealing with the weekend rush, you can get taken care of by our Master Barbers on Monday and still look fresh for the rest of the work week!”

“We are the only barber shop in the city with a no-wait system on the weekends. That means you get celebrity front of the line treatment, and you are in and out faster than any other barber shop in the city!”


“All of our barbers have competed and placed at the Hair Battle Tour. What this means to you is no matter what seat you sit in, you can trust you are in the hands of a Master Barber that takes pride in his/her work and you will walk out with a perfect cut!”

Tell Your Story

Now that your visitors know why they should care about what you offer, its time to build the trust that they need to do business with you!

Use the second paragraph of this page to Tell your personal story to your visitors. The more your visitors know about you, the more they have to like. And people do business with people they like!

So in this part of your page, you want visitors to trust that you can do the job, and you want to share with them why you started your company or website in the first place. Here are some questions you should answer:

  • What is your personal background?
  • What pain or problem led you to come up with the idea for your website?
  • What did you and your team have to overcome to get started?

You want your visitors to get to know you, your team, and your motivation. The more dramatic your struggles and rise to entrepreneurship, the better.

Give Your Supporters Proof

The third part of your about us page should give your supporters proof that you are able to do what you say you can do.

You can use this part of your about us page to showcase media coverage that your company has gotten, or do a behind the scenes video of your team in action. What you put in this section of your page depends on the product or service that you provide. Here are some ideas:

  • If you lead an organization, add testimonials from members that your organization has worked with.
  • If you run a barber shop, show off pictures of heads that you have cut.
  • If you are a social media manager, include links to pages and accounts that you manage
  • If you run a blog , include links to your 5 best pieces of content

Give Them A Call To Action

Every single page of your website should have some sort of call to action. A call to action is the most important thing that you want a visitor to do while they are on that particular page. For some pages, that means signing up for your email list or getting them on the phone for a consultation. For other pages that might mean selling them on a product or service.

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Either way, every page should have a CTA. It can be a button at the bottom of the page asking visitors to “click here to make a purchase”. Or it could be a contact form that you ask visitors fill out to set an appointment with you. It can even be as simple as a sentence asking readers to like, comment, and share your post.

Whatever call to action you choose, keep it limited to just one call. Asking your visitors to do too much will lead them to doing nothing (So dont ask them to sign up for your email list, then like you on facebook, then buy your product all in the same breath!)

The Wrap Up

Every About Us page should have three elements: an overt benefit, a real reason for visitors to believe you, and it should offer visitors a dramatic difference from other websites and companies out there. Here are a few more tips to keep in mind:

Load up your about us page with keywords: search engines crawl every part of your site. Use this page as an opportunity to rank for long tail keywords.

Add images to your page: Show your visitors your finished products, pictures of you and your team, screenshots of work that you have done, and infographics. Not only do images add another layer of proof to your claims, they also make your page easier to read. And the better the images look, the longer visitors will stay on your page.

Remember that its not about you: This page isnt about you necessarily – its about what visitors can get from you. Speak directly to them and they will respond in kind.

By taking the time to craft a page that impresses your visitors, you can turn this usually overlooked page into a great source of new sales and supporters.

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