If a store opens in the woods and nobody visits it, does it make money? No.

And a business that doesn’t make money is not a business.

The same applies to your website. You can have us build the most beautiful site on the internet for you, but if you dont drive traffic to that site you are throwing money away.

If you want to make more money, become an influencer, or do anything else online, traffic is king.

And the funny thing about internet traffic is the more you get…the more you get. To prove my point, when you are searching for Youtube videos to watch, which one do you click on first: the one with 13 views or 130,000 views first?

See what I mean?

So if you are convinced that it is important to increase visits to your website, the next question that you probably have is how.

The good news is that there are only three words you need to live by that will increase visits to your website.

The One Rule That Will Increase Visits To Your Website

The one thing you should do to increase visits to your website comes down to one rule:

Publish Content Regularly.

No matter what field you are in or how big your brand gets, you must publish content regularly. This rule is unbreakable. I dont care if you have a public notary website, you better be dropping a new article on wills, oaths, or powers of attorney regularly.

  • Wal-Mart made $485.9 billion in 2016. They publish content regularly on their blog.
  • Apple is on track to be the first Trillion dollar company in history (right now they are worth $700 billion). They publish content regularly on their blog.
  • Dr. Boyce Watkins has been uploading videos to his Youtube channel almost every day for more than 3 years. He now has 66,740,052 views.

The 4 Types of Content Your Website Should Have

The content that you publish doesn’t have to be written. But regardless of what decide to publish, have the discipline to do so regularly. That could mean daily, every three days, or bi-weekly – but whatever schedule you set, stick to it.

Why Publishing Regularly Will Improve Site Traffic

There are three reasons you need to step your publishing game up:

1. Publishing Regularly Gives Your Users A Reason To Follow You

Look, I love M&M’s©. If you give me one, I will eat it, and you will never see me again. But if you give me a trail of M&M’s© I will eat my way through that trail until it ends with me inside of your box.

Point is, if you give me a static website with very little content, you give me no reason to follow you. But the more content you have, the more ‘pieces of candy’ I have to consume, and the longer I follow your trail… right to your email list or product page.

Dont just give me a piece of candy. Give me Candyland.

2. Publishing Regularly Leads To ‘Better’ Traffic

Not all internet traffic is created equally. There are some visitors who arrive at your site with no interest in what you have to offer. This happens when search engines try to match what users search for with websites that have that content.

If your site lacks content, search engines will try to guess what your site is about using whatever content you do have. If your site is close enough to the search query, search engines will show the user your site.

But here is the problem…

If your site doesn’t exactly match what users are looking for, they leave your website as fast as they got there.

This doesn’t help you at all, because those ‘accidental’ visitors leave before they buy your products or sign up for your email list.

You can avoid this by publishing the type of content that let search engines know exactly what your site is about. The more you have on your site, the more search engines have to base their results on. Better results means you get visitors who are looking for exactly what you offer on your site.

3. People Trust Websites With A Long Content History

If you went to a site that has very little content, would you trust it? If you visit a site that hasn’t been updated since 2004, would you make a purchase?

Probably not.

Now how would you feel about a website whose blog goes back to 2004 and is still being updated today? You would probably trust that site – and respect the company behind the site -substantially more.

What To Publish To Increase Visits To Your Website

So you know you need to publish content regularly, and you know you need targeted (instead of ‘accidental’) traffic. But what should you publish to increase that targeted traffic to your site? To answer that question, think like your users.If your users are looking for a barbershop in Atlanta, what words would they type into a search engine to find one?

If we are thinking like a visitor to your site, we might search for the following:

  • Atlanta Black barber shops
  • best Black barber shops in Atlanta
  • Black barber shops near me

Based on these search terms, we would publish blog posts on your site under these sample headlines:

  • The Top 3 Black Barbershops in Atlanta (with you as the number one maybe?)
  • Atlanta Black Barber Shops: How To Find One That’s Right For You
  • Atlanta Barber Shop Wars: 3 Things That Separate The Best From The Rest

Notice how we are using the same words in our headlines that visitors would use to search for our business. That’s how you tell visitors and search engines exactly what your site is about.

A Quick Word On Generic Versus Long Tail Keywords

A word of advice: If you want to avoid ‘accidental’ traffic and increase targeted traffic to your site, dont use generic keywords. Generic keywords are one or two ‘big topic’ words that relate to your website. Instead, use ‘long tail keywords’ based on your user’s intent. Long tail keywords are four or more words that are super specific to what your users are looking for.

I can show you the difference better than I can tell you…


See the difference?

The beauty of targeting long tail key words is that fewer people are targeting these keywords with their website content. That makes it easier for you to show up on the front page of Google if your site has a deeper pool of content around those keywords.

So if you want to increase targeted traffic to your site, here is a recap:

  • If you dont have traffic, you might as well not have a website
  • The best way to increase visits to your website is to publish content regularly
  • The more content you have, the more traffic you will get
  • Produce content based on what your visitors would be searching for
  • Avoid using generic keywords and target long tail keywords

“But Asad! I dont have time to produce all that written content!”

If you want to grow your business, you will need to either spend time or money. There is no way around that. If you dont have the time, hire our team of writers. We have some of the most affordable rates online, and our writers are all college educated native English speakers. We use long tail keywords and interesting phrases to bring some life (and drive traffic) to your site.

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