“Asad, How do I make money from my website?”

This has to be the number one question I get on a daily basis. Today, I am going to give away all of my secrets and let you in on the 16 ways that I make money from every website that I personally own.

Before you go crazy implementing all of these methods, there are two things you need to understand:

1. It takes time to get the ball rolling. Just because you throw up one Amazon link or set up a paid directory doesnt mean you are quitting your job tomorrow. You will need to post several links per day, write several articles per month, and constantly communicate with your tribe over social media.

2. If you add value to people’s lives, the money will follow. If you ask me how to make money online, I will ask you why you believe what you are doing is valuable to your audience. Answer that question first, and do what it takes to add value to people’s lives, and you will never have to worry about making money. In fact, it will start to happen naturally and automatically if you have implemented the tactics below.

If you have the commitment and the willingness to work hard to add value to your audience’s life, lets get started…

Amazon Affiliate Program

I LOVE the Amazon Affiliate program! I have made more money from Amazon than most of the other recommendations below combined! Here is how it works: You sign up for their program and Amazon lets you sell products listed on its website using a link. When customers make a purchase using your link, you get a cut of that….and a cut of anything else they buy on the site! People have changed their lives as a result of Amazon’s Affiliate Program. Click here to get started!

Google Adsense

When most people get started online, Google Adsense if the first place they go. You sign up with the program and add some codes to your site. Google will display ads in the space where you added the code, and each time someone clicks on the ad, you get paid. If you take a look in the sidebar of this site, you will see one of my Google Adsense ads.

Most times, the payout is $.01 to $3.00, but every now and then you hit the lottery. I have had one click generate $45 in revenue!

I dont recommend relying on Google Adsense until you have build up some traffic, but its still a great program to get started with if you want to get those pennies trickling in immediately.

Sell Advertising Space

Instead of using the space on your site for Google Adsense ads that generate pennies, why not charge advertisers to post their ad in that space? Instead of making pennies per click, charge these advertisers $5 to $300 per month or more. Again, you need some decent traffic rolling in before this strategy will work for you, but I have been able to keep my bills paid from ads alone in the past. I create a page to get advertisers to sign up, and have the payments automatically deducted from their account using paypal. You can see an example from one of my first sites by clicking here.

Create A Paid Directory

Before you even think about doing this, ask yourself why anyone would want to pay you to be added to their directory. There are a million directories on the internet that they could give their money to. Why yours? Avoid lame answers like ‘I can help them gain exposure’. Sure you can. But can you make them more money? Can you make it easier for mobile users to find their business with turn by turn directions and keyword relevancy targeted to local search results? If you cant, dont waste your time building a directory. Instead, work until you can get to that point. If you are confident in your ability to make businesses listed more money, then my top two suggestions for building a paid directory are:

Directorypress – This is the whole package: a theme, payment gateways, mobile options, everything you need right out of the box. If you would like to buy directory press at a 75% discount, click here to download immediately!

Sabai Directory plugin for WordPress – This plugin ($29) allows you to add a directory to your site, and it integrates with PayPal to accept payment for directory listings. If you already have a site in place and you dont want to tear it up, this is the best option for you.

Start A Podcast

There is only so much space on your site for ads. Having a podcast multiplies that amount of space exponentially. Plus, advertisers are starting to move away from buying ad space on websites, and are investing in podcasts more and more. For more on this, see our series on creating podcasts.

Offer Consultations

Chances are, your audience needs help with the problems that your site was set up to solve. Got a nootropic website? Offer personalized consultations to help people stack properly. Have a teacup terrier website? Offer Skype consultations to help people speak their dogs language. Have a dating website? Offer game consultations for a small fee. Free consultations can also be great ways to drive potential customers to your product if you can clearly describe how your product or service can help them. To get new clients started with a consultation, have them arrange an appointment with you using a booking service. I use Appointy for all of my clients. You can play around with it here: Appointy

Teach A Webinar Once and Sell It Forever

A webinar is a live class that you teach online. You will need some special software like GoToWebinar or a Skype Premium account to pull this off. Briefly, here is how to make it happen:

  1. Create a landing page
  2. Registrants pay for the course by clicking on a paypal button on the landing page
  3. Set your paypal button up so that after registrants complete their payment they are redirected to a confirmation page that has the login information for the webinar. It also helps to send out a reminder email the day of with that information. You should have already set up Aweber to capture these email accounts.
  4. Launch the webinar the day of, and be sure to press the record button if you are using GoToWebinar.

Create A Membership Area

A membership area is a section of your website blocked off from the public. The only way for individuals to access this part of your site is with a paid membership. There are a number of plugins that you can use to make this happen. Here are my top two:

Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin

S2 Membership Plugin

Start a Mastermind Group

A mastermind group is a group of people with a common goal that meet (in person, on the phone, via Skype, chatrooms, meeting software, etc.) to share and learn to improve what they do. Think of it as a show and tell (and ask) for highly motivated individuals who want to get things done. Charge dues for each member of your online mastermind group using paypal. Don’t attempt doing this until you have done your homework and read up on how to start a mastermind group.

Create A BST Forum

A BST – Buy, Sell, and Trade – forum is a place where forum members can sell to other members. A great example is the WickedFire forum that you can find by clicking here. They charge $27 per listing.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 8.50.40 PM

To do this, set up a free Buddypress forum and add a paid section. Market the hell out of it to get your first few paid listings and it will start to pick up steam from there.

Sell Private Label Products

A private label product is a generic, blank product that you slap your label on and sell as your own. You can do this with everything from health bars to soap.

Build An Email List using Aweber

Online multimillionaires like Pat Flynn, John Chow, and Gary Vaynerchuck all say that the number one piece of advice they could give any website owner is to start your email list as soon as possible! When I discovered the power of email advertising, my online business skyrocketed! DON’T SLEEP ON EMAILS! The service I use and recommend is Aweber. They make it easy to create great looking emails that you can use to stay in touch with and market services to your audience. Click here to check out Aweber.

Sell T-Shirts and Hoodies using Teespring

You can sell T-Shirts on your site for about $5. Go to Teespring (click here), upload your design, and start selling shirts on your site, to your email list, and to your social media followers. Last year, I launched more than 20 successful campaigns generating about $7,000. Take a look at one of my best selling shirts below.



To get logo and Tshirt designs, use Fiverr (click here). It only costs $5! Speaking of….

Sell Your Services on Fiverr

If you are running your websinte already, you have figured out some things that beginners have not. These beginners will pay you to take their frustration away. For a small fee, offer to do simple but frustrating tasks for your audience. Get registered on Fiverr and see what others are selling for as little as $5. You might find some services that you need to take your own business to the next level! In fact, click here for a free gig to test the service out and get some ideas!


I dont advocate this method unless you are running a social justice or activist website because it can come off as being scammy. But if you are running an activist site, your audience should be used to donating to causes they care about. While it is reasonable to keep a small portion of the donation for your efforts, be ethical and transparent.

Learn how to create a paypal button to accept recurring donations by clicking here and reading this article.

Commission Junction

Instead of shopping around for 500 different affiliate programs and signing up for their programs individually, go to Commission Junction, sign up once, and you will have access to thousands of products and services. Everyone from pets.com to Godaddy use Commission Junction to attract affiliates. Use the hell out of CJ. Speaking of affiliates…

Hire Affiliates

Once you have a product or a service to sell, bring on other people to help you get referrals. In exchange for their referral, you will need to pay your affiliates a cut. This is a win-win for all of you since they get paid, you increase your number of leads, and new customers have a chance to enjoy your offering. Having loyal affiliates who are proud of to promote your offering will bring you more business than most other methods.

Become A UBAHosting Affiliate

I practice what I preach! UBA Hosting affiliates have the chance to earn half of every subscription they refer for as long as that person remains subscribed. Easy money, and we pay out every month! Click here to sign up for our program!

Offer Premium Content

Earlier we discussed creating a member area. This is what you will put in that member area – premium content that took some effort to create, and that goes much deeper than the superficial blog, youtube video, and podcast that you post.

By the way, I shouldn’t need to say this, but you should be writing blog posts, producing videos, and doing podcasts .


Superficial content will leave your readers, viewers, and listeners wanting more. Offer them full articles, documentary style videos, and full length in depth lectures for those who want more for a small fee.

Thats it! I hope this post has at least given you some ideas. At best, I hope you are ready to get to work! If you want to connect with a like minded group of Black online entrepreneurs, I have a mastermind group coming soon!