I have always hated Google+ so forgive me if I do a little dance.


Google tried to force G+ down our throats event though they knew it sucked. Google plus did nothing to add value to the social media ecosystem. Instead, they tried to be the gateway that we all had to enter to access Youtube and other online services. We didn’t need more gateways, and we didn’t need another social media account to manage.

A Slow Motion Car Crash

Google+ started out as Google Buzz (remember that garbage?) So from inception, this was a failed social network. Google only wanted to get into the social media thing because a paranoid executive named Vic Gundotra thought that Facebook was coming to take their lunch money. “Vic was just this constant bug in Larry’s ear: ‘Facebook is going to kill us. Facebook is going to kill us,'” says a former Google executive.

“I am pretty sure Vic managed to frighten Larry into action. And voila: Google+ was born.”

So to sum it up, Google+ wasn’t created because Google found and wanted to fill a need in the marketplace. They just wanted to hate on Facebook.

Since there wasn’t really a need for another network, Google started forcing it down everyone’s throats. All of a sudden, you needed G+ to access Youtube, and your Gmail, Drive, and other Google apps started automatically creating G+ accounts. That got the social network’s numbers up, but very few people were actively using the social network aspect of it.

There were 2.2 billion G+ profiles, but only 9% had any content on the profile(!) The platform was hard to use, and actually made it harder for people to follow the other users they wanted to follow.

PicMonkey Collage

So Google+ started to crumble in a slow motion car crash. Just three years after its launch, Google executives were already admitting G+ was a failure. Last year, they announced they were separating from Youtube. Then, the company tried to pivot away from the social aspects of G+ towards its photo streaming aspects. Like we needed another IG or Pinterest. One of the social network’s last exclusive features was Google Hangouts on Air. Last week, that was killed off, too.

Stay In Your Lane, Google

Google does one thing well – helping us sort through the 1.2 million terabytes of information on the internet. Other social media companies stick with what they do well, too. When you start trying to cross into other peoples lanes, you get Kobe Bryant trying to rap.

Google has proven itself a failure at social time and time again. For that reason, we dont include Google+ in our social media management services. With so few people using the service, our clients hard spent dollars are better used on real social media accounts.

Keep doing your thing, Google. But keep doing your thing, not Facebook’s thing.

Or, I could be bugging. Do you actually like Google+. Have you used it with some success? Or are you happy they are gone (like I am). If so, leave a comment below!