If you have a website, congratulations: You are ahead of 99% of the population! Owning a piece of online property is just as important as owning a piece of real estate!

But your website is just a start. Like moving into a new house without furniture, a new website isn’t complete without content. Content is why people come to your site in the first place, and great content is why they keep coming back.

When it comes to content, your site must appeal to three types of audience members: readers, watchers, and listeners. Give your audience well written articles, entertaining videos, and a high quality podcast, and you will become a force to be reckoned with.

Your  Brand Needs A Podcast

The old media model was push: radio stations, newspapers and magazines pushed their content to you. Today, you and I have the power to decide who we listen to, what we read, and what we watch.

This has been a blessing for Black podcast creators who produce content that the mainstream ignores. Now we can connect directly with a specific group of people who love what we love and understand where we are coming from!

Lets say you have a website that you use to sell the hip hop beats that you produce. You decide to start a podcast that covers weekly happenings in the hip hop world.  As you talk, you have your beats playing in the background. At the beginning, middle, and end of the show, you let your listeners know where they can go to buy the beats they have been listening to in the background.

BAM! You are acquiring new customers while giving them something of value they can appreciate!

If Youtube is the new television, podcasts are the new radio. Just like radio broadcasting back in the day, having a podcast today will multiply your influence faster and more effectively than ever before.

The 3 Things You Need to Start

If you are ready to get serious about starting a Black podcast, there are three things you will need: a plan, some software, and a microphone.

A Podcasting Plan (Keep It Simple)

Prior planning prevents poor performance. There are three main reasons why new podcasts fail:

1. The owners dont publish regular shows

2. They run out of things to talk about, or

3. Listeners feel like the show is chaos.

To avoid these pitfalls, ask yourself how often you are able to record and publish shows. Once you know how often you are able to record new shows, discipline yourself to stick to that schedule.

Decide what subject you want to cover in your podcast and brainstorm a list of 20 show topics. For instance, if your subject is black parenting, topics for your upcoming shows could be

1. Keeping a family schedule

2. Time saving tips for busy parents (like cooking all meals ahead of time)

3. Spanking versus other disciplinary measures

4. Tips for parents of infants/pre-teens/teenagers/college kids

5. Parenting without losing intimacy

6. Dating as a single parent

Those are just a few off the top of my head. Give yourself a day to brainstorm topics, and you should have no problem coming up with a huge list of topics! This guarantees you are never at a loss for topics. If you do run out of topics, find experts in your field and invite them on your podcast.

Finally, to avoid having a chaotic show, create a format and stick to it. Shows that do not have a format can easily turn into pointless ranting sessions. A sample format would look something like this –

05: Opening

08: Sponsor messages

20: Reader Listener Emails

35: Commercial Break

40: Main Topic

45: Recap

60: Closing

Following these three pieces of advice will put you light years ahead of other podcasts out there. I should know. I have created two Itunes Award Winning Podcasts – United Black America Radio, and the Black Wall Street Podcast!

Recording Software

Now that you have completed your planning, its time to get some software to edit your podcast.

The two suggestions are probably all the software you’ll need. Both are easy to use, and dont need too much out of the box meddling. There are also more Youtube tutorials on how to use these programs than you will ever need.

A Damn Good Microphone

Other than a good plan and some software, the last thing you will need is a damn good microphone.

A good microphone is the most important investment you can make because nothing can fix the sound of a low quality microphone.

Your microphone doesn’t have to be expensive, but it has to be a quality piece of equipment.

I have listed my top 4 picks below, based on their price, how easy they are to use (I have used all 4), and the quality they produce. Just hover over the image to read reviews and check prices.

[ess_grid alias=”podcast microphones”]

That’s it!

You are ready to enter the world of podcasting! If you need ideas for your niche or have questions about how to get started, leave them in the comments below. Or, if you are a Black podcaster, tell us where we can find your podcast in the comments below!