Looking for some tricks to increase website traffic? If you aren’t you should be! Traffic is the life-blood of a website, and if you want to make an impact online you must have a healthy stream of traffic at all times.

Most Black owned websites focus on monetization first, but this is a mistake. You can paste ads all over your site, but if no one is there to see those ads, you make no money.

So to get you started, I have put together this list in order from the easiest to the most difficult ways to boost your website traffic. Bookmark this page and come back regularly until you have completed all 10.

1. Create a map for your site

Most Black owned websites fail to include a sitemap in their design, and that makes it harder for search engines to “see” their site. A sitemap is a directory for search engines to see your entire site in one place. If you use WordPress this is as easy as installing the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. Just set it and forget it. Every time you update your site, the plugin will let search engines know. Easy.

2. Add links to all your social media profiles

Every platform gives you some space to write your bio. Twitter and Instagram even has space for a link to your personal site. Use that space to add a link to your website. More people check out your bio than you might realize. Anyone who is interested enough in you to check out your bio is likely to check out your site as well.

3. Add Your Site to Directories

To start letting search engines know about your site, add your URL to these directories. This is an easy tactic to use, but might be time-consuming since some of these directories require you to create an account.

4. Post Your Link On Stumbleupon and similar platforms

StumbleUpon describes itself as a “giant collection of the best pages on the internet”. When people sign up for StumbleUpon, they choose certain interests and hit a stumble button. The platform then randomly rotates through sites related to that interest. StumbleUpon can produce some amazing results for your website traffic, and with so few Black owned sites on the platform the competition is thin.

Other content curation platforms include Medium and Digg.

5. Use Your Warm Market

Reach out to the people you already know and ask them to promote your link to their followers and friends on social media and in real life. You will need to coach them on how to promote your link with a message like this

“I need a quick favor from you. It will only take a second. I just started a new site and wanted to see what you thought. Could you check this link  out (www.mysite.com) and give me your thoughts? I would also appreciate it if you posted the link to your Facebook page telling your people to check out the site and give me their feedback as well. If I can get 100 visitors in a day, I will buy you Starbucks. Deal?”

You can steal that if you want.

6. Comment on Blogs

Leave relevant comments on blogs, although this is becoming an increasingly outdated method of link building, it can help you generate links to your website and if your comment is insightful, it will encourage people to click on it.

7. Leverage Existing Facebook Groups


Back in the day, joining forums and spamming them with your link was the way to go. Now, everyone does the Facebook group thing, and they can ban you for spamming the group.

Instead, join groups that your target audience belongs to, take part in existing conversations, and drop your link if it is relevant. Once people are used to seeing you around, you can get a little more flagrant with the self promotion. As long as you are adding serious value to the group, no one will mind.

8. Start Blogging Regularly

People become repeat visitors to your site because you publish new content regularly. You wouldn’t watch a television channel that only had one show playing on repeat, would you?

Commit to hitting the ‘publish’ button regularly and your audience will keep coming back to read the latest and greatest.

9. Build an Email List

Once traffic starts flowing to your site, you want a way to turn those random visits into a committed tribe. That’s where an email list comes in.

An email list is the most important weapon in your online arsenal. Google can decide to stop sending traffic to your site, and social media companies can go out of business or delete your profile. But if you have built an email list, you own that audience. With one email, you can rally your troops and bring them back to your site.

Your competitors might have better content than you, but if your email game is strong, you can drive more traffic than they are able to.

Build your email list, connect with them in an authentic way, and you will earn their trust and their repeat visits. We use Aweber to build our email lists, and highly recommend them.

10. Use Facebook Ads

I saved this for last since its not the most difficult strategy on this list, but it does require a financial investment.

I have personally experimented with Twitter Ads, Google Adwords, and Bing ads. I don’t care what anyone says – nothing converts as well as Facebook ads. With almost a billion active daily users, there is no market segment you can’t reach.

Facebook advertising gives you the opportunity to really hone in on your audience and reach new people who are like your customer base. So rather than bringing random traffic to your site, you are attracting only the most qualified members of your target demographic. Facebook ads run around the clock, on both desktop and mobile devices, and can be used to target your segment for as little as a dollar a day.

Using Facebook ads, I was able to sell out of a 50 seat course in less than 24 hours, and sold 500 units of a product in just over a week.

Don’t sleep on Facebook ads.

The 10 tactics above are great tricks to boost website traffic, but are far from the only ways. In the next series of articles, we will be digging into these strategies in-depth, so be sure to subscribe!