One of the first things that we do for our Elite Clients when we finish building their website is give them a content plan. A content plan covers what types of content they should focus on, the main topics that content should be based on, and how many content pieces they should create to fill up their website.

The main types of content and number of content pieces you create depend on your niche, but there are 4 types of content all website and social media profile owners should consider: written, audio, video, and image.

Written Content

Written content is the foundation of the entire internet, and is made up of titles, paragraphs, descriptions, tags, and comment. Even on platforms where other media seems to be the focus, writing is what makes the difference between content that gets shared and viewed.

Lets say you want to learn how to bake a cake. You go to Youtube and do a search. Two videos pop up in the search result, and both videos have different titles. Which one of these videos are you most likely to watch?

“How to Bake A Cake”, or

“How to Bake The Perfect Cake for Beginners”

Chances are you would pick the second title before you even watch the video because the written content best describes what you are looking for.

There are two free tools we use to make sure our written content is dope: the Coschedule Headline Analyzer helped us create that cake title up there, and the Hemingway App helps you write great long – form content.

The good news for you is that written content is the easiest type of content you can produce. It is also the most efficient way to rank your website in search engines. But keep in mind that attention spans are short these days.  If you dont get your point across quickly, you risk losing the readers attention before they finish reading.

Audio Content

The great thing about audio content is that compared to Youtube, there are not as many podcasters and show hosts out there. That means if you started a podcast for notaries (yes, there are podcasts for notaries!) , you wont have much competition. The key to success is creating very specific podcasts for a narrow audience. There are far too many sports and Black business podcasts and not enough New Jersey Youth Basketball and Shopify podcasts.

To help you get started with podcasting, check out our previous articles on how to start a podcast, microphones you should buy, and other podcasts already out there.

Video Content

Video content is the most engaging form of content you can produce. Almost all social media platforms now prioritize video over all other forms of content. That means if you arent making video, you are leaving money on the table.


With that being said, video is hard to do, and can be expensive if you want to do it right. The cost of camera equipment, editing software, and videographers can be pretty high. Video can also be more time consuming compared to other content types.

If you want to learn how to do video right, here is the course that taught me everything I know.


If you are a visual artist or photographer, then your primary content type will obviously be images. But even if you are not, images can be used to get your point across quickly and easily. Images can also break up long articles (like this one) and keep readers scrolling and engaged.

Images include:

  • Gifs
  • Memes
  • Photographs
  • Digital artwork
  • Infographics

There are so many types of images that you could add to your site that you should be able to come up with content ideas for months to come. Creating images as content is also fairly easy compared to video and audio production. There are also so many visual artists out there that it is cheap and easy to outsource image creation.

The down side to relying on images as your primary mode of content is that if you create them yourself (using Photoshop, for instance) and they are actually good, people will steal them and use them without permission.  This can actually be turned into a strength if you watermark or tag your images. People who see those watermarks will come back to your site, creating more traffic for you!

What kind of content you decide to create depends on what you feel most comfortable with.  If you have a good eye, use visual images. If you can write, you should be writing. If you rant and have a lot to talk about, you need to podcast.

Whatever you decide on, create a disciplined schedule and stick to it. Growing website traffic takes time and effort. The sooner you start, the sooner all that content will snowball into success!