Let me know if this sounds familiar: There are too many things for you to do as a Black business owner and too few hours in the day. Getting new clients, managing cash flow, creating new products or services, taking care of existing clients, handling customer service issues – the list is infinite. Now throw your website on top of that and you have enough work to drive you crazy!

As an entrepreneur, you dont have the luxury of ignoring your to do list, but you can save yourself time and sanity by putting as many of your business processes on autopilot – starting with your website. In this article, I give away all of our secret automation tools and techniques.

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Back End

There is a lot going on behind the scenes of your WordPress website. Like parts of a car, if any of these behind the scenes components break down the entire site could suffer. The we call the stuff under the hood the ‘back end’ of your site. To keep your site running on autopilot, there are three things you will need to automate:

  • Updates to Your WordPress Theme
  • Updates to Your Plugins
  • Regular Website Backups

Automatically Update WordPress, Themes and Plugins

WordPress is a great content management system, but it can be a pain in the behind with its constant updates. Some updates are minor, but others can be improvements that will keep your site from breaking. In the past, we would have to manually update each plugin one by one until we found WP Updates Settings .

WP Updates Settings is a plugin that automatically updates your themes and plugins without any action on your part. Just set it and forget it. Huge time saver!

If anything goes wrong (or your site gets hacked), you should have a backup ready to go. But again, this is something that you would have to do manually in the past. For new website owners, the process can also be a little intimidating. We use UpdraftPlus Backup/Restore to easily and automatically back this site up to Dropbox. If you dont use Dropbox, they support a few different storage options – or you can just get your backups via email.

Other than adding some security plugins, this is all you need to keep your back end website healthy and up to date.

Automate Your Marketing


Marketing is the last thing you want to do after spending hours creating content and fixing issues with your site. But if you want to grow your site and your earnings you must market. Back in the day, that meant commenting on a million blogs, buying banner ads, and doing all kinds of time consuming things. Today, you can put most of your marketing on autopilot. The three marketing tactics we will focus on are buying social media ads, search engine optimization (SEO), and republishing your old content

Social Media Ads

Social media ads are not expenses – they are investments! I have purchased $50 worth of Facebook ads and earned $500. With an ROI like that, you shouldn’t be sleeping on buying social media ads to grow your site.

Of course, it is not as easy as dropping some funds and forgetting about your campaign. You will need to properly target your audience, get your timing down, and be ready to shut down campaigns that are not driving traffic to your site.

To do that, there are three courses that I suggest:


Search Engine Optimization is a marketing technique that you can use to improve how high up in search engines your site ranks for certain topics and keywords. This is done mainly through onsite optimization and link building. Unlike social media marketing and back end maintenance, there is no reliable way to outsource link building. You would need a professional to handle this part of your business.

We do this for a number of of clients, or you can do a google search and find a professional you are comfortable with in your price point.

Automatically Republish Old Content

Instead of re-creating content for social media, republish the content that you already have on social media. We use a plugin called Revive Old Posts to share our old content at regular intervals. Your social media followers may not be online when you drop a new post, so this plugin gives you multiple opportunities to get their attention.

The beauty here is that you will get regular traffic from work that you have already done. This is probably the easiest of the marketing methods I have mentioned here.

Keeping Content Fresh

The easiest way to keep your content fresh is to hire a team of writers who publish to your site regularly for you. This is not as expensive as it sounds. For just $160 per month our team can write, edit, and publish 3 articles per week. If you are like me and want to add your own flavor to articles, you can instruct the team to save your article as a draft so that you can review them .

When it comes to social media content, we use Hootsuite to create posts ahead of time and then scheduling that content to publish later. If you want to outsource image creation for your accounts, we used Fiverr when we were first starting out. For $5 you can find providers who will create 10 images for you at a time.

Automate your website back end, automate your marketing, and automate your content publication and you will free up 90% of your time online. If you have questions or suggestions, use the content box below!